Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday Quickies #18: Food Fightin' @ Farmers Markets and More Events!

Happy St. Patty's weekend, everyone! With work on Monday, I think I'll lay low on the alchy (and definitely not

Farmers Market Food Fight: An interesting
article from front page of Sunday's LA Times, highlighting how LA area chefs are outraged at not being able to buy produce @ Farmers Markets (due to companies having pre-ordered them). I don't find myself sympathizing with the chefs that much. For one, there's no shortage of Farmers Markets in the LA area and for another, like Campanile's exec chef Mark Peel noted, the average joe shopper has been feeling the produce pinch when the chefs invaded the stands. Yes, it sucks not to have that sensual experience of tasting that batch of fruit & veggies before committing to a large buy, or to find out that some seasonal goodies ran out, but the rest of us dealt with it -- you should too; either place your advance order with the farms, explore a few more other markets or, gasp, creatively make do with what's left over available!

More Foodie Events: A few more delicious-sounding things coming up soon . . .

The famous
Cheese Store of Beverly Hills is partnering with Rustic Canyon for a scrumptious sounding six-course cheese-themed dinner on March 24, with each course featuring specialty cheeses from several animals and around the world, concluding with a cheese course that I'm sure won't disappoint. $75; wine pairings for an extra $20.

Artisan salt maker Saltistry
is hosting a Salt Party at Food Court LA on March 31 from 6 to 9 p.m. It will feature many apps and sweets, paired with drinks, to highlight their uniquely-flavored salts: On the menu are items such as Melons with Coconut Black Salt, Kumamoto Oysters with Citrus Salts, Dark Chocolate with Popcorn Salt, Sea Salt Caramels with Lavender Gray Salt, "Saltinis" with Six Pepper Salt and more! $25 at the door, and saltistry products will be available for purchase at the event, should you find something (or everything) to your liking. ;) For more info, contact Denise @ the Saltistry 310.621.6015.


Anonymous said...

hey all you foodies out there!!! this is the coolest food party I've ever been to! You must check it out~ those saltartists are ex-chef's who know their flavors and definitely know their SALT!

H. C. said...

Anon, how enthusiastic! Alas, wish I could go but not sure I want to drive madly across L.A. on a weeknight. $25 for all that doesn't sound bad, though.

Anonymous said...


totally feel your pain about the insane traffic in LA. I always rope in friends under the "let's carpool idea" and share the gridlock,pain and road rage that has unfortunately become such a part of our angeleno lifestyle.

but for truffle salt...I'll face the freeway!


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