Thursday, September 13, 2007

Right Back At Ya

Yes- I AM ______ enough to use a Spice Girls song to headline my blog post (and 4-member version, can't expect anything less of me.)

Anyways, I wish I had a good, legitimate reason for my three-month hiatus, such as:

1) Working at a summer camp, relegated to mess hall mystery lumps, s'mores and pilfered cookies from other kids' care packages (my own folks are more likely to send a pack of wrigleys' with instructions to"Trade Up")

2) Going on a three-month epicurean tour (haha, I wish I had that kind of $$$)

3) Being incarcerated, but not having the Paris Hilton hotness to get me out in a matter of days (or hours 'cause I have a bun in the oven.)

4) Actually moving out of LA like Erin (oh the horror!)

5) Oh yea, let's not neglect the possibility of me going to the great big all-you-can-eat gourmet buffet line in the sky.

But alas, my main lame excuse was that I got lazy, but I was also being more conscious of what how much I eat -- in calories & dollars. I wasn't really actively dieting or saving money, since I still allowed myself to indulge during my hiatus--but overall, I did enjoy a leaner body and a fatter bank account over the summer.

Oh yea, I also want to save up for a new digital camera (and some other tech toys). Here's a graphical representation of my current one.

But anyways, I have a quick foodventure to post soon about my long weekender in Vegas, so stay tuned (yes, I know it's *LA&OC* Foodventures, but heck, if Eater *LA* can get away with the sin city posts so many times . . .)


rantsnravesnreviews said...

WELCOME BACK!!!!! I was wondering if you would "be back" (insert Arnolds voice here). Looking forward to your reads. Maybe we can go get that bowl of french onion soup now that its getting cool again.


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