Sunday, October 15, 2006

Mmm... Soup Dumplings

Finally managed to taste the infamous "mini xiaolongbao (broth-filled dumplings) with soup" at Din Tai Fung - it was nice -- about two dozen little dumplings (half the size of their regular xialongbaos) served with a bowl of chicken soup with egg ribbons. However, I think I still like their regular crab & pork xiaolongbao (juicy crab and pork dumplings) better.

(And for anyone who wants to experience the "mini-xiaolongbao with soup"; plan on getting to Din Tai Fung no later than 10:15 am on weekends [15 minutes before they open] ~ that dish runs out very quickly; however, their regular xiaolongbaos are available almost all the time.)

Also, if going there - I strongly advise getting their "appetizer" (that's verbatim off the menu!) ~ best $3 to spend there for a combo of shredded veggies, tofu & vermicelli in a mildly sour & spicy marinade.

Alas - I forgot to check my camera batteries before embarking on this trip. So expect a photo-laden foodventure review in the (not-too-distant) future. ;)


Anonymous said...

love din tai fung. i've also been to the one in shanghai (taste the same) Haven't tried the "mini's" yet though or the appetizer. i will definitely get it next time.

have you tried J & J's (san gabriel) xiao long bao's?? I, actually, think they are better and they're cheaper.


H. C. said...

I've been to J & J's before (and I agree their xialongbaos are cheaper and consider them on-par with DinTaiFung), but their non-xiaolongbao dishes have taken a real downhill slide in the past few years.

And feel free to link -- foodies of LA unite! :)


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