Sunday, March 23, 2008

Mini Foodventure #60: Box of Delights from Boule Atelier (Beverly Center area)

Finally had the opportunity to stop by Boule Atelier, the reincarnation of Boule two buildings down. Everything looks heavenly, and here's the box of fancy schmancies I took home:

Canelés: Caramelized and crunchy outside, custardy and tender-soft inside -- both the vanilla and chocolate versions were a joy to munch on.

Macarons: Crispity, airy cookie sandwiches - a bit larger and more flavor-forward than those of
Jin Patisserie's, all the varieties I had (meyer lemon, pistachio, vanilla-olive oil, caramel-sea salt, rose and café) were pretty good, though the lemon & caramel flavors were particularly outstanding.

Paté de Fruits (wrapped in photo above): I got the pear-vanilla, calamansi lime and pink grapefuit, all were bursting with juicy sweet flavors with just the right texture in firmness & chewiness!

In short, it was worth every penny of the nearly $30 I spent here -- and I sure had a swell time polishing these off over the next three days. Can't wait to go back to try some of their decadent cakes and pastries, luscious ice creams, exotic-flavored chocolates and, of course, the
Oprah-raved caramels (had to skip on all these goodies this time since I had a few afternoon errands and don't want the sun to ruin them.)

What do others say?
- Foodie Universe finds their exquisite sweets are worth every penny, too
- Caroline on Crack
feels worlds away taking a tea & dessert break here after shopping
- Eating L.A. is
pretty impressed by their offerings at their opening preview party

Boule Atelier
408 N. La Cienega Blvd.
Los Angeles


sarah said...

cannele - lemme tell ya...there was a period of about three months when i ate one or two canneles EVERY DAY because my roommate was working for campanile/la brea bakery and would bring them i can barely look at them.

but still, i do remember L*O*V*I*N*G their hard crunchy exterior and the soft sweet custardy (almost slimy) interior.

Foodie Universe said...

Ooh, thanks for the link! I didn't realize Boule had moved/changed. Those caneles sound fantastic. I think I will have to ask for a box of these treats for my birthday.

H. C. said...

Sarah, I wish I had a La Brea Bakery/Boule Atelier/Surfas connection so I can get freebie caneles!

Foodie U., The new Boule is definitely worth checking out and I'm sure you'll enjoy the canelés.

savvygal said...

Oooohhh... I am so looking forward to the macaron. Ever since Laudree, I have looked high and low for macarons unsuccessfully in OC, but maybe I can get them sent to me. : )

Savvy Gal said...

I acutally found macaron in OC. Very happy, thank you for inspiring me to search harder!

burumun said...

I wuvv the ice cream there too!
Make sure you try their honey one ;)

But I continue to be disappointed by their service though.
Firstly, they are sloo~w in serving you, even when not so busy.
Secondly (and mainly), I got this pretty tall passionfruit cake ... which this girl put in a regular, short box ... and closed it (read: squashed my -what is it? $8?- cake)


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